Republic Day excitement with Megastar Tarkan at EXPO 2016

93th anniversary of foundation of Republic of Turkey was celebrated at EXPO 2016 with great excitement. Megastar Tarkan lighted up the Republic Day celebrations with an open field concert.

Tens of thousands of visitors who want to share Republic Day buzz with Tarkan came to EXPO exhibition area hours before the concert. They filled up Outdoor Activity Field and crowd got amped up instantly as Megastar took the stage.

Tarkan sang his songs on the biggest stage in Europe. He literally had to tour the stage to salute fans. Thousands in the field didn’t put down their phones for even an instant to film him on stage.

That was Tarkan’s 3rd concert at EXPO 2016. Welcoming his fans, Tarkan said: “Wonderful crowd. Wonderful energy…” He celebrated Republic Day.

“First I want to celebrate your Republic Day. This is the biggest day, biggest celebration of our nation and our people. We have to hold on to it, to our Republic Day, to our Republic, democracy, equality stronger than ever. I wish we will see better days, with unity and solidarity”, said Tarkan. 

Megastar didn’t have his energy down, not even a moment during his third concert at EXPO 2016. He once again conquered the hearts of fans.