AIPH handed over “Green Oasis” Garden to EXPO 2016

“Green Oasis” Garden, which was set up at EXPO 2016 by International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and Central Anatolian Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association (OAIB) to tell the importance of green spaces in cities, has been handed over permanently to EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency.

AIPH President Bernard Oosterom, AIPH Secretary General Tim Briercliffe, OAIB President Osman Bağdatlıoğlu, Secretary General of EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Fırat Işık, General Commissioner of the Agency Ambassador Erdoğan Kök, country commissioners and garden directors attended the ceremony.

OAIB President Bağdatlıoğlu made an opening speech at the handover ceremony. He said Antalya’s EXPO adventure had started in 2008, as Turkish Exporters Association they have worked hand in hand with AIPH in the process to make it happen.

Bağdatlıoğlu noted that “Green Oasis” Garden meant to create a vision of what kind of a world people wanted to live in the future. He said:

“This gardens should exist for our children to be able to live a good life in the future. I want to thank all of you, all the colleagues form all over the world who contributed to this project. Thank to this collaboration, we both found the opportunity to showcase and promote our horticultural production and also gave them the opportunity to do the same.”


AIPH President Oosterom also took his turn to make a speech. He said AIPH was both the approval and support organ for international expos. “We have been present in many EXPO organizations since we first organized Floriade in the 1960’s. However, first time here in Antalya, we have found the opportunity to set up our own garden. We were proud and honoured when we first got an invitation from EXPO 2016 to set up and design our own garden”, said Oosterom.

Oosterom noted that AIPH’s mission was to put focus in green cities all over the world, so supporting EXPO 2016 was a continuation of this mission since it has adopted “A green world for future generations” as its motto.



Oosterom said they wanted to convey a sense of perfection in AIPH’s garden design and reached an award-winning result at the end. He said: “We wanted the design to reflect our mission as good as possible. I was created by award-winning landscape designer Nilüfer Danış. And the result has become this that we are proud of. I think it has already inspired many visitors here. They can create similar examples in their countries as well.

Oosterom pointed out that AIPH garden wanted to showcase what cities could achieve with gardens and green spaces. He said: “Unfortunately EXPOs don’t continue forever. But we are very happy for this garden to continue its life here and are handing over it with pleasure. This is our gift to Turkey. We are hundred percent sure that you will take care of it nicely and make it live in the future.” 


Secretary General of EXPO 2016 Antalya Agency Fırat Işık, on the other hand, said that Turkey had made huge investments to create the best EXPO possible to convey a message about environmental struggles that the world faced today and encouraged all the people in the world to be part of that.

Işık noted that despite all the hard time that the country had suffered, Turkey had continued to make promotions about creating a green world for future generations and protecting it. He said:   

“EXPO 2016 Antalya A1-Class International Horticulture Exposition which set out its path with the theme “Flower and Children – A Green World for Future Generations” is Turkey’s first horticulture exposition that is approved by BIE and AIPH. It has featured seminars, business development meetings, workshops and other applied efforts about horticulture to support the improvement of this sector in the country and all over the world.”

Işık said they found AIPH and OAIB all by their side in this effort during this process. The “Green Oasis” Garden, he reckoned, had put a novel touch to EXPO 2016 Antalya’s green city concept and managed to educate visitors about the themes like biodiversity, green urban spaces, sustainability and global warming.

Işık said: “A green world for future generations is our common ground. We wish our cooperation will continue to increase on this path. That would be our greatest legacy. ‘Green Oasis’ Garden will be the lasting symbol of this cooperation.”

After speeches Secretary General Işık and Secretary General Briercliffe signed the protocol on handing over Green Oasis Garden. After signing ceremony Işık presented a silverwork plate to Briercliffe as a gift.


The Garden overlays on a 1045 square-meters space. It aims to convey a message about the importance of green spaces in a city and to make an incentive about creating more green spaces like these in harmony with nature. It includes 21 trees, fountains and other aquatic elements, a green roof, rain garden, pool, pathways, solar panel, sculptures, a table made out of plants and bug hotels.

The table which is arranged with fruit trees and edible plants inspires people to grow their own fruits and vegetables and encourage them for healthy outdoor activities.