“Floral Wind” exhibition opened doors at EXPO 2016

Antalya Advanced Technical School for Girls prepared a fashion collection inspired from EXPO 2016’s symbol peony and other uniquely beautiful flowers grown in Antalya. An exhibition that displays original designs form the collection “Floral Wind” opened at EXPO 2016 Antalya Art Exhibition Hall.

Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education Ercan Demirci, General Director of Department of Lifelong Learning Ali Rıza Altunel, District Governor of Muratpaşa Province Saadet Sırrı Arısoy and District Governor of Döşemealtı Province Mehmet Baygül.

Undersecretary Demirci noted that in area of arts and culture, customs and traditions and legacy of ancestors constituted the memory. He said: “I thank everyone involved in production of these items and I veil before them. They have presented us a great opportunity to keep our memory alive.”

In the exhibition there are items from Antalya Advanced Technical School for Girls’ İslamic Art Collection and Traditional Turkish Clothing and Crafts Collection on display all of which are produced by students and teachers of the school.

Exhibition will be open until October 28. It will also host workshops for paper marbling, ribbon work, felt flowers, paper flowers and patchwork.