“Love Legends of Anatolia” on the stage at EXPO 2016

Shaman Dance Theatre which tells the story of Anatolia, a place where civilizations, cultures, languages and religions, staged their show “Love Legends of Anatolia” at Turkcell Big Amphitheatre during EXPO 2016 Antalya.

The show spanned to 3 days of performances all under the main theme “Love Legends of Anatolia”. 40 dancers took part in the performances. The show told the stories of Adam and Eve, Ferhat and Shirin, Paris and Hellen, Hurrem and Suleiman under the backdrop of rich cultural tapestry of Anatolia. It highlighted rich composition of Turkey, ending with the massage “All the colours come together and disappear into the white.”    

The show presented dances from almost all regions of Anatolia through a modern dance interpretation. The stage was defined as a meeting point for different colours and cultures as well as the lovers. The show used different forms like recital, dance show, theatre and musical and different stage techniques like rituals, shadow theatre.