A magnificent concert from Yanni at EXPO

World famous pianist and composer Yanni gave a concert at EXPO 2016 Antalya Congress Centre.

Yanni visited exhibition area before the concert. He watered a 173 year-old olive tree (Olea Europaea) which is transplanted here, brought from city of Bursa. Yanni noted that he had been born in Greece’s southern border city of Kalamata which had hundreds of thousands of olive trees. Yanni said: “So I know very much about olive trees. This is as gold. Since the Antiquity, this tree made itself useful for people. It has become irreplaceable for them. It has meant everything for them. They are known to live 200-300 years or even more. I myself personally have planted trees as seeds of peace in all over the world. I am honoured and proud about that.” Yanni expressed his pleasure about that tree being presented to him as a gift, saying “Teşekkürler!” (Thanks!) in Turkish.  


Yanni shared this message under photos that he had taken for his own social media accounts:

“Here I am holding water to plant a tree. This tree was honoured to my name by Turkish people at EXPO 2016. It is a 173 year-old olive tree. It has a large body. It is symbolic for sure, but I am watering this plant for peace. This is a huge honour for me. I am very happy to be here. This is the best day ever!”

After planting of the tree, Yanni met with children before the concert. He played piano to the children whose ages range from 3 to 9. He chatted with them and gave a message of unity.

During the concert at Congress Centre, Yanni had music lovers live a night to remember. A crowded orchestra consisting of percussions and wind and string instruments accompanied him during his performance. Yanni played his old songs as well as ones from his new album “Sensuous Chill” that hit the shelves early this year.