“Incredible Bugs” exhibition at EXPO 2016

EXPO 2016 Antalya Congress Centre hosts “Incredible Bugs” exhibition after Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Machines”.

Bugs… Creatures that are always around in our daily life, but escape from our attention by means of their smart camouflages, little sizes or colours… This exhibition presents secret life of these little fellows. And it attracts lots of people.  

In the exhibition giant replicas of little bugs which normally won’t draw attention of human eye are presented. There are butterflies which cover 150 cm wing space, bugs that are 3 metres tall stare directly into your face. These are only two of these giant replicas in this unique exhibition.


The exhibition also includes some educative materials like 3D models which can be reassembled, little 3D tables, real samples that area used for lab activities to examine bug anatomy, physiology and embryology. Little nuances now catch your eye. You can touch the models of scorpion, spider, millipede, centipede, crustacean, water bear and springtail, which is not actually considered as a bug.  They are made 20 times bigger than the originals. A unique experience is waiting for you.

“Incredible Bugs” will stay open until October 30. You can visit every day between 11:00 – 22:00 for free.