Kids, Science and Technology Center

EXPO 2016 Children’s Science and Technology Center comprises 3 main sections and their sub-sections:

First Floor Basic Sciences Exhibition

This floor is a general-purpose science center. It supplements the Curriculum of National Education. Its goals is to show the entertaining aspect of science to visitors of all ages.

Second Floor, Themed Exhibitions

Whole of the second floor has integrity. In themed exhibitions of the second floor, the visitors firstly watch a movie about the universe. They wander the planetarium. The objective is to question our presence in the universe when the concepts of Universe, Galaxy, Star and Planet are described.  

A section named "Space from the Earth" is visited after the planetarium. The studies of the mankind conducted to understand the universe, galaxy, stars and planets and the findings of such studies are exhibited there.  

In the next section named "Earth from the Space", the subjects such as human behaviors at macro level, environmental problems and starvation as well as what we see on the Earth from the space and atmospheric and geological phenomena are addressed and the importance of environment, survival of mankind and his healthy and sustainable nutrition is emphasized. Besides, the place of water in human life is mentioned.  

Biological importance of water and the subjects about water such as energy generation are addressed in the following section named "Water from the Cell to Ocean".  

After the water exhibition, Biosphere and Green World which contains the agricultural techniques in space are explained. The techniques used for soilless agriculture and agriculture in space are told to the visitors together with the striking information regarding plant kingdom.

Robot and Chemistry/Biology workshops aim at affecting experiences of the visitors with the tools and the tests that they will produce and apply, respectively without leaving the center.


Outdoor Toys and Dinopark

Dinopark, Astro Skateboard, Space Bicycle, Sundial



Basic Sciences Exhibition

Aquarium Area


Digital Bridge Area

Space Exhibition


And World

Water from H2O Cell to Ocean


Waiting Hall


Chemistry Workshop

Robot Workshop


Dino Garden

Stone Age