Sudan garden


Republic of the Sudan


The theme is addressing to a sustainability for a green life for future generations to provide food and innovate food production.

Exhibition target:

Exhibition will encourage visitors to learn more about potential of Sudan in food production to create an awareness and promote understanding of cultural and commercial activities.

Exhibition content:

Agriculture for a green life

Cultural and social activities

Children activities

National Day


Coloring Book as gift for children


Design philosophy

Sudan garden design was built on the Nubian civilization, which grew up beside the great Nile, exactly in upper valley of the joining between the blue & white Nile. The Nubian civilization had special type of pyramids with their special systems for many centuries then it moved to the lower delta to Egypt.

Design description

A direct entrance to the basic building  is located in the middle of the flower gardens, then behind the building there are two bridges, one of them lead to the pyramids – garden & the other lead to the closed garden. Both of these rivers come from a Nubian watering pot there they are finally join behind the main building.