Republic of India


India Garden – Garden of Peace

Flower and children are symbolic of new life and continuity of Gods creation. God is present everywhere and in recognition of this divine presence we should love and respect all beings and show kindness to all, whether it is a plant or an ant or the biggest of creature.

The India Garden brings a message of love, peace and brotherhood for all.


Exhibition content:


The Indian Garden at Expo 2016, Turkey, draws upon the traditions of Indian architecture as displayed temple gardens of South India.  These gardens were based on the Indian Vaastu system and were of balanced geometrical shapes with a boundary and imposing gates. 

The visitors approaching the Indian garden will be confronted with sculptures from the Indian temples and will be greeted by huge archways.  They will enter through these magnificent gateways in the true historical tradition of Hindu architecture.  The facia of the Indian Pavilion will be imposing and innately Indian so that even from a distance a visitor can make out that this is a garden from India and can have a true feeling of Indian presence and garden atmosphere.  At several places there is prominent signage depicting the Indian Colours and the word “INDIA”.

Walk in through the left gate and the garden is a riot of colours on both sides of the pathway with heavy planting of seasonal Indian flowers and shrubs. In the distance, the latticed windows of the Pavilion beckon the visitor.

Moving forward in the centre of the garden, there are beautiful bronze sculptures in traditional Chola style and on the other side there is a spot for Henna Tattoos, an artist from India will do them, in the shapes of different flowers of India.

We now reach the front of the Exhibit Hall. The facia of the pavilion is beautifully decorated with traditional Jharokhas and a heavily carved wooden doorway.  On either side of the Exhibit hall, there are temple bell stands, which lend a special spiritual character to the atmosphere and the visitors and children enjoy ringing them.  Benches are available for rest while others visit the exhibits inside the building .

The exhibit hall will include exhibits on garden products like Indian flowers, tea, coffee, spices etc.  There will also be audio/video presentation of different gardens from India and tourism related subjects like cultural dances, and historic monuments. A special photo exhibit on the theme “Children and Flowers” is also planned.  There will also be a facility to stamp the Expo Passport with the stamp of the India Garden.

A small portion of the exhibit hall will be used for the sales and promotion of Indian art ware and traditional food items besides tea tasting etc.  There is also a provision for a small kiosk selling Indian fast food and drinks for tasting.

Finally, the visitor will then exit the Indian Garden from under the other gate and will carry with him forever some sweet and colourful memories of the Indian celebration of garden and life.

We hope you enjoy our garden.  Jai Hind!