The Kingdom of the Netherlands


Holland Garden

Theme statement:

The Holland garden will serve as a showcasing of the innovative developments in the Dutch horti- and floriculture sector, and its application in the concept of the “Green City”.

Dutch plant breeders and propagators provide propagation materials for diseased and drought-resistant crops with a higher yield and a better taste and shelf life. Growers achieve the highest productivity per hectare with less use of pesticides, water and minerals. The greenhouse industry is at the forefront of energy efficiency, renewable energy and CO2 reduction. In this process we work demand driven and look for solutions adapted to specific local circumstances all over the world.


The Holland Garden will consist of combinations of perennials, ornamental grasses, flower bulbs and annuals. Throughout the garden (and perhaps in a pavilion) examples will be shown of “Green City” solutions applied in the Netherlands.


We plan to organize a so-called Holland Day, consisting of a seminar, B2B-meetings, network dinner and a cultural event.