DPRK garden


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Happiness of children in the Garden covered with green Foliage

Exhibition target:


Exhibition content:

The DPRK which boasts over 5 000 year-long history and culture is well-known in the world as “A country of morning calm in the Orient”.

The theme of DPRK Pavilion is “Happiness of children in the Garden covered with green Foliage”. It shows resourceful and diligent Korean people who have been creating the socialist civilization in the green garden city and the Korean children who have been realizing their dreams to their hearts’ content.

The flowers and garden play a great role in the civilized life of the ordinary people: they not only bring smile to the people but also add happiness and vitality to their life.


Exhibition content:

The DPRK pavilion:

-          Exhibition area of Korean famous paintings well-known around the world

-          Garden, floriculture and happiness of children exhibiting and experiencing area (stamps, photos, fine art works exhibition area)

All the decorations of the Pavilion will possess the traditional architectural style and national flavor of the Korean nation.

DPRK pavilion will give a kind publicity of the horticulture, history and culture of Korean nation to the visitors to our Pavilion and show will of strengthening the international solidarity for horticultural development.