Republic of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan: Treasure of Biodiversity and Flowers for Future Generations


Azerbaijan identified by international organization as one of the global ecoregions and done of the 25 hotspots of biodiversity in the world, based on selection criteria such as species richness, levels of endemism, diversity uniqueness, unusual evolutionary phenomena, and global rarity of major habitat types. Almost all of the world’s species of plants spread over relatively small area of our country. Nearly 4500 species of higher, spore-bearing flowering plants belong to 125 types and 920 geniuses. Azerbaijan accounts for 67% of all plants species found in the Caucasus. Azerbaijan is also the country of flowers. This is one of the world hotspots for number and diversity of butterflies that symbolize floral wealth, harvest and life. World Wide Fund for Nature has included in its “Red List” around 30 species of butterflies, the class of insects not inhabiting areas with scarce ecosystem. Due to the fertile soil and ideal climate with relatively high rainfall, mild autumn and winter, and a dry and sunny spring.

Azerbaijan as treasure of biodiversity is situated in unique geographical position, at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Since ancient times, it maintains its importance in the economic, trade and cultural relations between the two continents. Geographical location, relief and the Caspian Sea have great importance for the formation of climate and nature in Azerbaijan. Having not large territory, this country has semi-desert, arid steppe, subtropical, temperate and cold climates, hosts 9 of 11 existing climatic zones of the world.

Having nourished us across the millennia, it is now planet Earth that requires nurture, in the form of respect, sustainable behaviors, the application of advanced technologies and new political visions that will allow us to strike a new and better balance between our resources and our consumption. The educational plan of the concept is

-          to represent Azerbaijan to Antalya EXPO 2016  visitors with all its unique historical, geographical, natural, cultural particularities by the stressing theme of exposition

-          to show flowers, trees and exhibits in the garden with important message of conservation nature for the future generations

-          to explain why protection and maintenance of country’s biodiversity is important for sustainable development




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