Congress Center

Congress and exhibition center will be on the east of EXPO 2016 Antalya area. The center is designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for the symposiums, conferences and the indoor performances to be held over the course of EXPO 2016. In case of bad weather conditions, the national and private celebrations will take place here.

Capacity of the Main Hall: Main hall can host 5003 people in total.

The center has 11 halls including the main hall and smaller halls with a total capacity of 6543 people. 3,000-square meter courtyards built next to the congress center which contains lounges with almost 2,500 square meter area on each floor will be integrated into the congress center after the exhibition. Thus, the capacity will rise to 9,500 people.

In addition to a restaurant with 300-people capacity, there are two cafeterias covering 225 m² and 270 m², respectively.

Furthermore, the center contains offices planned for the use of the participating countries. Lastly, management offices of the organizer of EXPO 2016 Antalya are included in here.